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The End is Upon Us!!!

The semester is almost over and we have begun to dive into our 10 minute shows. It is like finals week for the next 3 class meetings. I have learned so much in MCom 2313! There was a lot of information in a very short amount of time. I have to say that as tedious and time consuming as this class is I have enjoyed my learning experience and hands on opportunities. This is a class I actually didn’t mind coming to which was a lovely change of pace. I’ve thought about looking into internships at local radio and tv stations since enrolling in this class. I would like to further my education and build my resume. I now have forever friends in the MCOM department because this class made us closer as students. Thumbs up to this course and all instructors involved, Thank you and I will carry it with me.

Lighting Project MCOM 2313

Multimedia Discovery by KT Toon

At the beginning of the semester I was unsure of my status as a PR major. I knew that I wanted to do something in the communication field, but on a daily basis MCOM students are reminded of the lack of pay in the field as well as the long hours. As this semester has progressed I’ve learned that if you choose to do something because you truly love it then your options begin to broaden themselves. Sure I won’t make much money in the multimedia field in the beginning, but once I perfect an area that is more specifically catered to my better nature and interests I can truly prosper even in areas of less opportunity. I’ve enjoyed my time in MCOM 2313 (multimedia) simply because I’ve learned so much and it has been so hands on and reassuring to know that I won’t be confined to an office and the possibilities are endless. I’m very excited to transfer to UT Arlington and major in radio and television broadcasting and minor in PR. I’m ready to graduate and move forward and perfect my niche. This blog is dedicated to sharing learning experiences in my school and field work as well as sharing things I find interesting. Enjoy and leave feedback if you’d like.